Floride: Killing Us Softly-Global Research

It would seem, the push to force fluoridation on people, is an attempt at a central level, much higher than any national government, to produce dumbed down people.

People not smart enough to see through the juvenile criminal behavior, of the sold out whores who are placed in administrative positions at the National, State, and local level.

Might be, in combination with all the other shit they make one breath, eat, use, a project to kill off more humans at an earlier age.

i read of a Monsatan cafeteria, which served only non GMO foods, because the Monsatan employees, who understand GMO, won’t eat GMO.

There is an evil loose in the world, an old evil, but it has at this time, control over most of the political whores, in most of the countries of the world.

i would say, start cleaning up at the local level, and if they evil interferes, perhaps the people of the world, needs to follow that evil back to its source here on earth, and do some composting.

John C Carleton.

Fluoride: Killing Us Softly