Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration’s Refusal to Release Records On Pesticide Harms to Endangered Wildlife-Global Research

After the international chemical corporations have killed all the pollinators, what you going eat, the bull shit coming out of Washington DC? The taste and substance is not to my liking. John C Carleton Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration’s Refusal to Release Records on Pesticide Harms to Endangered Wildlife

America’s Most Deified Politician

Gettysburg, 1863. . . . has a birthday today that is celebrated throughout the land, especially at neocon think tanks and tabloids.  I speak of course of the man the “Straussian” wing of neoconworld refers to as “Father” Abraham Lincoln.  So I thought I’d offer some reading suggestions as part of today’s birthday celebration. Lincoln […]

Proposed Warrior Olympics

Three main characters or types of beings involved in these games. 1; Sheep. Matters not if European., American, Asian, Slavic, African. Sheep are sheep the world over, just different colored wool and bleating dialect. 2: Jackals. Again, fur color, national origin, dialect the lies are told in, maters not. A scum sucking, child raping, war […]

Warriors Living In a Sheep World

Reincarnation is a fact of life, and death. The earthly body dies, but the energy, the soul, will return in a new body, do it all over again, until certain perimeters are met. This takes millions of lives, beginning in the simplest forms of life, through countless human lives. i personally, from the time i […]

US Massacre Of Syrian Troops Threatens To Unleash Wider War-Information Clearinghouse

The American sheep are collaborators in all the evil of the British Anglo zionist Empire. They deserve destruction and a looooooooooooooong sheep BBQ in the hereafter. They deserve to live for a while in starvation, deprivation, contempt in the eyes of the world, bleating in fear, before they are recycled. Damn worthless ass holes probably […]