Why Some Americans Care About America, and Some Don’t Give a Flying Whatever!

Most Westerners, and certainly most Americans, are indoctrinated from birth with the Roman Catholic Nightmare before an angry war god, who loves you, but will BBQ your ass in a big pit of everlasting fire, if you do not do EXACTLY as he says, translated by the priest class.

Makes no difference if its Church of England, Lutheran Church, Church of Christ, Baptist, Presbyterian, methodist, or even a Huguenot, all spawn of the Roman Catholic Church, and all siblings.

But this version of Christianity, was a small minority, until the Roman Catholic Church, chased down and murdered, in some very evil, horrible, and sadistic ways, all who opposed their rise to power.

This included the vast majority of Christian sects, which really taught Jesus the Christ teachings, which included reincarnation.

Jesus the Christ did not die for the sins of the Hebrews, he was murdered BECAUSE of the sins of the evil of that Hebrew generation.

Big difference.

Jesus the Christ never saw himself as any sort of god.
Jesus the Christ, damn well knew his mother was not a virgin, and his father was not a carpenter.

He was a recognized rabbi, and poor carpenters sons did not become Rabbi’s.
He was a warrior/priest. He cared about his land and his people.
Yes he wanted good and peace for other lands and other peoples, but he was a Hebrew, and the hebrews were his burden, his curse.
That was his passion. Seeing the Hebrews, grow a set, cast out the evil, find some morals, some honor, and stop being evil asses.

He pissed off the big organized religion faction, the collaborating Hebrew government, and the occupying Roman Local administrator.

Got him killed.

All that to explain, reincarnation explains why some Americans care deeply for America, while others could give a shit less.

Through personal studies, meditation, i have come to understand, when one sees a man or woman, cares deeply about this country, cares about the first American Revolution, that war, the late war of rape, pillaging, arson, murder, aggression, invasion, genocide, !861-1865, occupation, 1865-present, it’s because they were there, and damn well involved, cared then, sacrificed, lost loved ones to the struggle.

They have reincarnated, into a life where they have been taught reincarnation does not exist, and still, they feel the burden, the struggle, the death from those years and causes, and it makes then still care.

You will notice, the number of people who really give a shit about America, are greatly outnumbered by Americans don’t give a shit.

First, theses always about three to four percent of the population of the world, makes anything happen in the world.
Good, bad or ugly, three or four precent cared enough to see it got done.

Take into consideration, the number of Americans was about three million.
Three or four percent of that is a tiny number of people.
Thats how many people gave a shit back then, and thats how many really give a shit right now, with perhaps the addition of a sheep here and there, in the struggles who converted to the give a shiters, from the don’t give a shit sheep side.

So there were close to three million Americans, during the first war for freedom, simply did not give a shit, and cussed those who did, for causing the war, which the sheep, did not like.
Sheep do not understand freedom in the first place.

Each soul, starts out on the bottom of the pile.
Life after life after life, countless lives, the soul grows through experience and learning from lessons.
Comes a time when all these souls, worked up through the different animal levels, gets to try to live a human life.

So now we have in America, three million don’t give a shit sheep, reincarnated into todays don’t give a shit sheep, add to that, an additional three hundred, twenty three million new bottom of the barrel souls who sure as hell don’t give a shit about anything except a cold sixpack, a warm piece of ass.

American is up that preverbal creek, without the mystical paddle.

America is in deep shit!

And those who give a shit, have to sit here, telling the truth, getting attacked for telling the truth, while they wait for some new souls, some old head up as sheep souls, switch sides and decide to really become human and give a shit.

Sucks for those who give a shit. Don’t seem to be any other choice.

i expect Mother Nature going to lend a hand in that conversion.

Until them, watch where you step, the don’t give a shit is getting deep.

John C Carleton

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