Two US Warships Enter the Black Sea: a Policy of Testing Russia’s Resolve-Stratigic Culture

If Russian War Ships, appeared in the Gulf of Mexico, while the US was running naval military drills in the Gulf, the very stupid, indoctrinated, evil minded, American Head up Assus sheep would bleat in fear, shit their wool, piss themselves.

The baby raping sons of bitches in Washington DC would be screaming bloody murder, threatening WW 3, talking of nuclear first strikes against Russia.

Now Putin seems to have sold out to the zionist, long ago, or recently, don’t know, don’t matter, but Putin is not Russia.
Russia has every damn right to not have war ships of an enemy, who have declared themselves an enemy, running around their homeland.

US is nowhere close to the Black Sea, and the US has no damn business being there.

God, i demise the stupidity of the American sheep.

Whenever i see or hear about the USA/Washington DC crime cabal, i remember that passage in the bible, “Oh Lord, how long shall the wicked prosper”. Theres also a passage about the blood of the innocent, calling out for justice.

The USA will die with a whimper.

The world will be a better place.

Hopefully while i am still alive, if not, be a better world for those left.

John C Carleton

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