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Evil will never be banished from the earth.

If there were no evil in the world, then there could be no good.
What would one judge the good against, if there were no evil.

If there were no evil in this world, there could be no spiritual growth, there would not be any lessons to be learned.

This world is a school for the soul. Souls are sent to this rock, with it’s good and evil, to learn spiritual lessons.

The evil is older than this earth, it has always been with humanity.
But the evil must be kept in it’s place, it must be balanced with the good.
The problem with the present now is, things are out of balance, evil has run amuck, multiplied like sewer rats.
The good, must be brought back in balance with the evil.

Evil is supposed to be ashamed of itself. Evil is supposed to sneak around in the shadows and night, hiding it’s face from the good.

Evil has grown brazen, belligerent, taking pride in it’s evil, bragging about it’s evil on international media. Evil does its harm, rapes, murders, thefts, in broad daylight.

This will not, can not continue. Mother Nature is extremely pissed at the way humanity has raped the earth, and each other.
She has dispatched those who’s job it is to prepare the way of her assistants.

i hope to live to see good take back control of this earth, with good hunting the remaining minions of evil, like a hungry wolf checking under rocks, in caves, behind trees, for it’s next meal.

If not for the wolves, the vermin, rodents, rabbits, other pest, would over multiply and over run the earth, just as evil has.

Humanity has persecuted the wolf, evil has hunted the wolves, until there were not enough wolves to keep evil in check.

Mother Nature has sent reinforcements.
She has handled this problem many times before.

Get er done!

John C Carleton

Whose Hospitals Are Overflowing with Blood? Stop Lying About Syria!

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