The Libyan Revolution Lie: Destruction And Crimes Against Humanity

February 17th was the anniversary of one of the greatest crimes against humanity in current times perpetrated against the sovereign country of Libya. These crimes were made using a false flag lie (there was NO revolution in Libya) and committed by the proxy army of the New World Order known as NATO, ordered by Khazarian Zionists; Clinton, Obama, Levy, Sarkozy, Cameron, McCain, Qatar, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The false flag was perpetrated by starting an uprising the Middle East and North Africa that was called the “Arab Spring”. This uprising was created and caused by the CIA, Mossad and MI6. Of course they found mercenaries who joined their cause for pay to completely destabilize the MENA region (Middle East North Africa). Most of these mercenaries were radical Islamists and were part of radical groups known as Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Shiria, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Al Nusra and others. (they change their names to confuse the West but they all work together). These same groups have become to be known as ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, etc. Again all the same, funded, armed and trained by the criminal cabal known as the New World Order.

One of the main reasons for this attack was because many of the countries in that region were not members of and controlled by the bankers that would control the entire world with their Babylonian Debt scheme and fiat worthless currency. Ghadafi had started a gold backed currency for the continent of Africa. All the Arab countries had signed on and more that half of Africa. The currency had moved ahead and was to be centered out of the Comoro Islands. This one act that would have freed Africa from the darkness of poverty and control by the western Zionists, would have destroyed the criminal bankers and their toilet paper currency. This is one of the main reasons why Ghadafi was killed.

There were other reasons and the Khazarian Zionists saw their opportunity to invade, steal and destroy the entire country of Libya. Libya had close to 500 billion invested in the US Federal Reserve and the Euro. These investments were required by the the 2006 treaty signed by Condoleeza Rice to remove the embargo from Libya that had existed for over 30 years (over another lie). Of course, as soon as the false flag was started and the media joined all the lies, the bankers immediately froze all of Libya’s assets and passed out Libyan money to their mercenaries and NATO who used it to bomb and destroy Libya. Thus using Libya’s own money to destroy their country.

The criminals who would destroy Libya, joined hands with the 4% of Libyans that were radical Islamists. Most of these men were either in exile or prison as Ghadafi and 96% of all Libyans are against radical Islam. The 4% that joined the criminal cabal were joined by 250,000 mercenaries who were armed by, led by, trained and paid by the US CIA, Mossad, MI5, Surette (French intelligence) and there were US soldiers on the ground (we have video proof). The flow of illegal weapons that came into Libya had both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints all over them. These weapons were filtered through Qatar and brought into Libya by boat with the help of NATO (this we also have video and photo proof).

As a side bar: Chris Stevens was Hillary Clinton’s point man in the running of weapons into Libya and from there into Syria. There were 20,000 shoulder mounted man-pad rockets sent into Libya by Clinton (she purchased 50,000 of these via the US state department in 2010) and we have this proved by a very credible source. One of these rockets shot down a US military helicopter in Afghanistan and the rocket was found causing a huge problem. This fact made it necessary for Stevens to attempt to get back the rockets with the help of Turkey.

Stevens was meeting with a Turkish diplomat the night he was killed and was highly unsuccessful. As is usual for the Clintons, Stevens was then assassinated to destroy any proof about their crimes. The assassination was organized by Mohammed Morsi, the then President of Egypt (installed by Clinton and a 30 year friend of the Clintons). We have proof of this in the security report about Stevens death as investigated by the Libyan security.

What happened after the UN voted to do a no fly zone in Libya in early 2011, NATO began bombing raids daily. They bombed homes, schools, power supplies, food supplies, water supplies, hospitals, Universities, hotels, ports, the great man made river, oil fields, gas fields, etc. Their mercenaries raped and killed Libyan women and children. The Libyan army made every attempt to save the Libyan people as there were so few Libyans that supported this mess in Libya but the Libyan army had been embargoed from purchasing any weapons and most of their stores had been stolen or bombed.

Tripoli was the strong hold against the illegal war and as it was the largest city in Libya with approximately 2 million people. It was very difficult for the NATO mercenaries to invade Tripoli, but NATO bombed Tripoli every day and the media did their part to continue their evil lies. NATO not only created their criminal war crimes by bombing civilians everyday, but they furthered their international crimes by embargoing water, food, medicine and gasoline from Tripoli. These are war crimes and not allowed by the Geneva convention. The hardships forced upon the Libyan people by these crimes were horrific.

Finally after months and months of destruction, horror and pain, NATO still did not control Libya and the Great tribes of Libya had come together with 100% agreement and created a new constitution that all Libyans would be allowed to vote upon. We sat with Sheik Ali Alahwel (Supreme Leader of all the Tribes) in the lobby of the Radison Hotel in late August of 2011 as he was delivered a final copy of that Constitution. The tribes had taken the demands of the UN at their word and had created what they thought would stop the attack upon their country.

Three days later, NATO came full into Tripoli, first with their black helicopters cannons blazing, mowing down people on the streets, killing 1300 in one hour and wounding 5000. Next they bombed and bombed destroying anything possible leaving people shattered and hopeless. Next they brought in shiploads of bearded Islamic radical mercenaries in little Toyota trucks with their big guns mounted in the beds of the trucks. NATO gave Tripoli to these criminals, to rape, steal, destroy anything as they so desired. This act was absolute confirmation to the tribes what was being said about creating so called democracy in Libya was a lie and that they were completely infiltrated with spies.

We were there in Tripoli and were witness to these heinous atrocities. In the end, it was the Russian ambassador who contacted us and offered to help us get out of Libya safely. He offered to put our names on the list for the diplomats on a ship that was being sent by the Prime Minister of Malta. The Russian Ambassador to Libya at that time, H.E. Mr. Maksim Maksimov, told us that he knew our country would not help us but that he would do what he could. We were most grateful.

In the end, we were captured by Al Qaeda and sentenced to death, but we were to escape by 3 miracles. After getting back home, we were targeted at the airport by the FBI and my husband was taken into interrogation for hours going through all his luggage. I had all the proof of the war crimes on my person (a 500 gb hard drive), but as usual, I was a woman and offered no threat or so they thought. We attempted many times to contact people in DC and bring forward information passed to us from the tribes.

It was during this time the tribes appointed us as their official spokespersons so that we could have standing to present their documents. Soon the CIA, FBI and DIA all came to our home I believe in an attempt to retrieve all our proof which they did not get and finally we were told by the CIA that if we did not forget about what we saw in Libya that we would have no life. That was the time that we decided to go public.

As for Libya, the horrors continue. The NWO Khazarian Zionists cabal has continued to move their radical mercenaries into Libya, army and funding them. They continue to steal assets and they install (illegally) their puppets to control all the ministries and banks. The CIA has their main puppet leading the Libyan National Army so they control how little or how much success that army has in cleansing the country of the criminal occupiers.

The Libyan Dinar has been destroyed by these same banksters, dropping from 1.35 per 1 USD to 8 per 1 USD, making purchases of everyday necessities very difficult. Food is at a premium and the once free healthcare system is now suffering with no medicine and doctors and a requirement to pay in “foreign” cash. Still many, at least one million Libyans live in exile as there is very little security and hope for them in Libya.

Of the 6.5 million Libyans in 2010, NATO and the Khazarian Zionists have killed over 1 million. Still the country suffers with militias roaming the streets and threatening people who would just go about their daily activities. The Misurata militias, criminals who joined hands with Hillary Clinton, have destroyed lands and homes of the Tawergha tribe. Since 2011 this dark skinned tribe in Libya has been homeless with thousands living in containers and tents. February 1st, marked the date when all of the tribes and even the puppet governments agreed for the Tawergha to return to their homes. But the criminals in Misurata took their weapons and blocked the roads to their homes, this act has trapped men, women and children in the dessert. This is what the UN, US, NATO, France, UK, Qatar, Israel and Saudi Arabia has created and continues to create in Libya – a completely failed state.

On this the anniversary of the horrific story of the sovereign country of Libya, we ask the world to step forward and speak out for the Libyan people. It is time to give Libya back to the Libyan people. The great tribes of Libya know how to cleanse their country and bring it back to their sovereignty. The rest of the world can only help – if asked. The occupiers must be required to leave, the militias must be shut down and the illegal prisons must be opened. The great Libyan army must be led by a real Libyan not a CIA operative.

We and the people of the world stand with the Great Tribes of Libya in their quest to make their country secure and sovereign again.


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