US Continues to Evacuate ISIL Commanders Trapped In Hasaka-FarsNews

The American Sheep disgust me.

They are so stupid, so ignorant, and they wouldn’t give a shit if they knew what was really going on.

Long as most American sheep has a set of wheels, a cold six pack, and a warm body for sexual purposes, they could give a shit less what Washington DC is doing to America and the rest of the world in their names.

Here and there, an American cares, fights the evil, each in their own way, is out there. But if you took away magically, all the dumb ass worthless breeding stock sheep, out of the equation, America would have no need for large cities and high rises. Wouldn’t been enough Americans left to even try to keep the things from falling down, and probably would have more important things to do Anyway.

John C Carleton

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