Why Another False Flag Attack is Due-Covert Geopolitics

Fair Common Law Trials, Fair hangings, Washington DC.

The American sheep must face their complicity in the evils done in their name.

They must confess to the evil they cheered, voted for, supported.

Ignorance is never an excuse, as ignorance is a self imposed condition.

“Well you see, i supported the evil of the baby raping war criminals, because i refused to face the truth and grow a set of balls, is not a plea which will stand up, on this earth, or on the other side.

America deserves whats coming, and it can not be stopped at this late date anyway.

So you ass hole American sheep, you supporters of baby raping trash, you evil scum who cheer reports of the slaughters the DC pedophiles do around the world, suck it up, stand up, drop your fruit of the loom’s, bend over, cause pay back is a bitch, and you have it coming.

And after forty years of pleading, warning, begging the sheep to stand up, embrace honor and truth, i must admit, i am going to really enjoy watching the sheep bleating in fear, as they get what they deserve.

Less sheep and Usury Bankers=a whole lot better world.

John C Carleton

Why Another False Flag Attack is Due