Warriors Living In a Sheep World

Reincarnation is a fact of life, and death.

The earthly body dies, but the energy, the soul, will return in a new body, do it all over again, until certain perimeters are met.

This takes millions of lives, beginning in the simplest forms of life, through countless human lives.

i personally, from the time i became aware of reality, thought when after these millions of lives, one reaches the finale illumination in this, shall i say, training plan, one has to make a decision.
If one wants to remain on the top of this place, or pursue more knowledge, wisdom, understanding, more brilliant and pure an illumination, then one must start over as maybe the equivalent of a cockroach on the next level.

i know, the thought of starting on the bottom again, is a daunting thought, but there are some whom will always search for the truth, while understanding the enormity of knowledge in the universe.

Personally, figure sooner later, i have to be that cockroach again

All the universe has is time and energy, there is no hurry.

There are souls who are engineers again and again. Priest again and again, farmers again and again, animal herders, again and again. Some times a soul will do more than one thing in life.

Then there are the warriors.

Warriors fight wars. Thats what they do, every damn life.

In between wars, they may farm, be an engineer, a priest, a poet, a farmer.

But they are warriors, not sheep or jackals.

They do not act, think or look like sheep.

They are warriors living in a sheep world, which is a bitch.

War time hero, peace time fuck up.

Thats because, in wars done right, warriors are running things, the sheep are just pointed at at the cannons mouth, and told to charge.

Wars are not always done right.
Case in point. Look at the cluster fuck the US military is presently.
Look at the monkeys trying to fuck a football, bunch of clowns which are passed off as generals and admirals by the pedophile bribery taking, treasonist bastards from DC.

As soon as the wars are over, the jackals who started the war, take the sheep back from the warriors, and demand everyone, but the jackals themselves, act like sheep.

i have spent the last ten plus years trying to find out, figure out, how to stop wars.

It can not be done, until the sheep are ready to stop living in the sheep world.
This is something which is beyond the warriors ability to arrange.

Until the sheep become human, wars will continue.

Now, as there is no ending the wars in any foreseeable future, wars must be directed for the benefit of humanity.

Sheep simply can not be allowed to organize and execute wars.

They would make the killing, the suffering, the atrocities, get out of hand.

Even the armed, uniformed, taught to kill sheep, is still a sheep.

The warriors, must ensure, that war is as honorable as it can be made, rules followed, civilians spared as much of the war as can be arranged.
Warriors must organize and run the wars the jackals start, the sheep by their actions demand, for the sake of the sheep.

Fucking sheep determine what kind of world the rest of us live in.

Warriors just try to keep the sheep from destroying the world, and the sheep’s own asses.

Every now and then the warriors get to hunt jackals.

My personal favorite part of a Warriors duties.

So to all my Brothers in Arms, my fellow Warriors the world over, isn’t it about time for a jackal hunt?

Been a long damn time since the Warriors had one!

Lots of lamp post, empty tree limbs.

Get er done.

John C Carleton