US Massacre Of Syrian Troops Threatens To Unleash Wider War-Information Clearinghouse

The American sheep are collaborators in all the evil of the British Anglo zionist Empire.

They deserve destruction and a looooooooooooooong sheep BBQ in the hereafter.

They deserve to live for a while in starvation, deprivation, contempt in the eyes of the world, bleating in fear, before they are recycled.

Damn worthless ass holes probably come back as sheep again, help fuck the world up again.

i had a conversation with a friend yesterday. Told him i felt like Abraham trying to get “God” down to, if i found ten just men in America, it would be spared.

Told him, fuck it, fuck the American sheep ass holes.

He and i agreed, of all the Americans we knew, if we were going to colonize a dangerous uninhabited place, if we counted the Americans we would want to take with us, we individually, would still have fingers left when counting the ones worth a shit on our fingers, individually.

American presently are some of the most cowardly, evil, worthless sons of bitches, and bitches, the world has ever know.

Fuck it, shoot all them nukes off, point them all right back at America.

Be a better damn world.

John C Carleton