Proposed Warrior Olympics

Three main characters or types of beings involved in these games.

1; Sheep.

Matters not if European., American, Asian, Slavic, African.

Sheep are sheep the world over, just different colored wool and bleating dialect.

2: Jackals.

Again, fur color, national origin, dialect the lies are told in, maters not.

A scum sucking, child raping, war crime committing, bribe taking, ass kissing, rope chewing,, candy from a baby stealing, widow and orphan abusing, piece of shit jackal is a piece of shit jackal, world over.

3: Warriors.

Again, Warriors are warriors.
Nuff said.

There is a fourth category, but their involvement in these games are more in giving support to the Warriors as each has talent.

These are the enlightened old souls, who fight the dark side of evil, each in their own way, but are known to get swept up in the wars from time to time, although war is not their passion.

They are allowed to participate in the games also, when the passion strikes.

Now, basic rules.

Keep in mind this is a work in progress, and the rules or methods might change from time to time.

Rule #1.
Each countries Warriors, will compete on their own home turf.
Each countries Warriors using their own countries jackals as the game pieces and aids.

Rule # 2.
If a warrior from one country, finds himself living in another country, it is acceptable for said foreign warrior, in the spirit of Brothers in Arms, to hunt jackal with the warriors of his host country.
His points earned will apply to the host countries total score.

Rule #3.
Some jackals are worth more points than others.
Say an International Usury Banker jackal, is of course worth more point than a local banker.
A National level jackal is worth more points than say a county or city jackal.

All these assigning point to the different jackals, and sub types, will take some doing, this i will work on later.

Rule # 4.
Sheep do not add points to any score.
Sheep are not direct participants, except when the herd wanders into the middle of the games, and some are taken out because it could not be avoided.
Warriors will sometimes find themselves having to deal with sheep who are in their stupidity, and complicity, defending/hiding/running interference for the jackals.
While the Warrior must of certainty, remove the sheep from the equation, sheep are not a high enough life form to merit points for their removal.
Just kind of like, going to make an omelet, going to have to break some sheep heads.

More rules to follow at a later date.

Now, some ideas of types of events.

The, Run jackal Run!, event.

This event has four different sub groups.

First, a single Warrior chasing a single jackal through differing and interesting terrain.

Second, a single Warrior, chasing a group of jackals.

Third, a group of Warriors chasing a single jackal.

Fourth, a group of Warriors chasing a group of jackals.

jackal Toss!

This event, uses a differing type of game aids, such as sheer cliff drop offs, sharpened spikes on a flat surface, spikes pointing up, about two foot long, Openings of log chippers, and other interesting aids.

The object is to give points, for how far the warrior can toss the jackal, on/off/into/onto/through, the aid.

Additional point will be given for form, showmanship and other factors to be worked out later.

Jackal Impelling.
Again here, there are several sub species of this event, depending on the impelling aid, distance, drop and other factors.

Aids of course being sharpened fence post, broken off parking meter poles, the type aids are only limited by the Warriors imagination.

Javelin Toss.
Again, it matters which game you are competing in, depending if you are throwing the javelin at,

a: a stationary jackal, or a running jackal.

b: It also matters if you are throwing the jackal at a stationary javelin, or a moving javelin.

Shitting IT’s pants and wailing in fear jackals are worth no points, but the warrior, is expected to do their duty regardless of point gain or not.

The jackal Deep sixing.
This is a game where the Warrior devises new and interesting ways of weighting down the jackals before throwing them in the deep end of the pool.

If the jackal is a pedophile jackal, the prescribed weight is a millstone.
As millstones have gone out of style, substitutions of cinder blocks will be accepted without penalty.

The On The Wing jackal toss.

In this event, clay pigeons will be replaced with vocal aided, (screaming like shit), jackals at the Warrior’s skeet range.

Again differing scores depending on gauge, action type.

i am growing a bit tired of two finger typing, will continue this later.

i have a sudden urge to go clean and oil shotguns.

John C Carleton