Proposed Warrior Olympics

Three main characters or types of beings involved in these games. 1; Sheep. Matters not if European., American, Asian, Slavic, African. Sheep are sheep the world over, just different colored wool and bleating dialect. 2: Jackals. Again, fur color, national origin, dialect the lies are told in, maters not. A scum sucking, child raping, war […]

Warriors Living In a Sheep World

Reincarnation is a fact of life, and death. The earthly body dies, but the energy, the soul, will return in a new body, do it all over again, until certain perimeters are met. This takes millions of lives, beginning in the simplest forms of life, through countless human lives. i personally, from the time i […]

US Massacre Of Syrian Troops Threatens To Unleash Wider War-Information Clearinghouse

The American sheep are collaborators in all the evil of the British Anglo zionist Empire. They deserve destruction and a looooooooooooooong sheep BBQ in the hereafter. They deserve to live for a while in starvation, deprivation, contempt in the eyes of the world, bleating in fear, before they are recycled. Damn worthless ass holes probably […]