Palestinian Activist shut down US Consulate meeting in Bethlehem: Your not Welcome Anymore-Mondoweiss

They not welcome in America anymore either.

Israhell needs to get the hell out of Palestine.

The USA, needs to get the hell out of America.

Is there a deserted Island somewhere, all the zionist, Babylonian, Christian, Islamic or Atheist, can go?

One where they can be kept away from humanity?

Cause if they voluntarily segregate themselves, giving up all stolen wealth, the kin of those they have murdered, might just let them live.

Their choice.

But if they just will not do the right thing, the world will do it for them, not gently either.

John C Carleton

Palestinian activists shut down Bethlehem meeting with US officials: ‘you are not welcome anymore!’

Palestinian activists shut down a meeting in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on Tuesday between a delegation from the U.S. Consulate and Palestinian city officials, marking an escalation in the widening rift between Palestinians and the U.S. after Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December.

After activists interrupted the meeting with banners comparing Trump to Nazis and ISIS, and shouting “you are not welcome anymore!” the American officials abruptly walked out of a conference room at the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Then activists pelted their departing convoy with tomatoes, and some demonstrators kicked the vehicles.

Mohammad Lutfi, a Palestinian activist who lives in Aida refugee camp outside of Bethlehem, was arrested hour later on Tuesday Palestinian Authority security forces. At least four others protesters were summoned for interrogation, of whom three are identified as Anas Abu Srour, Ahmad Odeh, and Ibrahim Msallam.

Shortly after the detention of Lutfi, dozens of Palestinians from the Aida refugee camp and the surrounding areas took to the PA headquarters in Bethlehem to demand his release. PA forces then released Lutfi after he, along with the four others, were made to sign documents saying they would appear for interrogation, if asked to, on Wednesday.


Palestinian activists shut down Bethlehem meeting with US officials: ‘you are not welcome anymore!’

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