i’d Rather go to War, than Shake a politicians hand!

Damn Right.

Last two US congressmen tried to shake my hand, i refused.

Blew their minds.

Not that thy are anywhere near the best minds. They real good at kissing ass, taking bribes, shoveling zionist bull shit.

Thats why they are there. They sold out cheap. Think the ass holes would see the same damn thing being used on them was used on the American Natives. Few bobbles, beads, blankets, the odd jug of bad pop skull whiskey and firearm, bought vast tracts of land from them.

These USA/Washington whores, get given the right to violate most laws with impunity, right up to and past pedophilia, to murdering and even eating these children they raped and murdered.

They get thrown chump change, a few million, an accessional billions, to sell their souls and American’s asses out to the highest bidder.

Now one of my cousins, down the Washington line, was General George S Patton.

Always found myself agreeing with most all his command decisions, tactics.

Two areas i still will not cut him slack, a decision to lead the US army, against men who had fought under him in France in WW 1, some before that in Mexico. He should have resigned his commission, rather than sell out fighting men, many who put their asses on the line for you in the past. He screwed up badly there, and i guarantee you, he could never wipe that from his memory. He was deeply shamed to have done it. But he did love war and the military so.

And in his personal life and marriage.
No slack!

Other than that, pretty much in agreement with him.

He said:
“A politician, is the lowest life form on the face of the Earth. And a Liberal Democrat, is the lowest form of politician”.

Damn right.

So yeah, i’d rather go to war than shake their dame blood and bribe stained hands.

But you don’t have to wait for the war.

Just Say NO!

Not going to shake your hand!

Excuse me waiter, something seems to stink here, could i be reseated in another room please?

Just look at them, shake your head in disgust and wonderment, there are such scum loose on the American people, and walk away.

Whole damn art in shunning and shaming people.

Well worth studying up on.

Plenty of local politicians to practice non, until you think you good enough for the big time.

Get er done!

John C Carleton

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