To war or not to war, that is the question

i have spent years trying to figure out how to get freedom back for Americans, without making a bunch of widows, orphans, weeping parents.

If the American sheep had a set of balls, it could have been done even twenty years back, without taring the whole country and society apart.

But that would have been the easy way. Just find some honor, a set of balls, stand up in mass, give Uncle Sugars pedophilic ass the finger, and tell him to fuck off.

But the American sheep don’t like it the easy way.
They like it HARD, right up their cowardly ASS.

So i spect going to have some shooting.
How much is the question?

Time after time, i have thought, this is the time they fucking grow up!

Time after time, i got that feeling you get when you look around, and all the good time Charlie’s are running, hiding when the Roman Soldiers show up.

Maybe this time?

America can not become much worse a shit hole.
Done hit bottom.
Not bouncing any more.
Just laying there like a used up whore.

So when in a couple years, the sheep have had enough, watching their kids cry in hunger, the Usury banker bastards stealing their homes, their futures, and they decide to flip off Uncle Sugars pedophilic ass, question is, does Uncle Sugar send in the troops to murder Americans.

If he does, do the sheep bend over, take it up the ass one more time, or grab Uncle sugar, cut his fucking balls off?

Got to think of these things ahead of time.

How you going to run a communications grid?

How you going to have an early warning system.

What you going to do with Captured Imperial troops in your country.

No question what to do with foreign troops in your country.

One to the back of the head. Thats what mercenary troops have always received. Used to be a sword stroke to the back of the head.

When you are fighting for your freedom, on your land, there are no rules.

The late war of rape, arson, theft, starvation, murder, occupation, against the Southern people, proved, one can not treat ass holes like gentleman.

What America needs now, is for a hell of a lot of the descendants of the vikings, the Celts, the Gauls, to revert back to that screaming mass of pissed off, killing, fighting, cussing, sons of bitches.

It is coming down to does your family, clan, country survive, or not?

Do you fight or just go ahead and let em rape your children, use them for cannon fodder?

Time to reach between your legs, and explore whats there.

If they not a big set there, might want to start working on that.

Existing ain’t living.

And dying ain’t the worse damn thing can happen.

So go to a dark corner somewhere, and do a self examination, followed by some real reflection on what you found there.

John C Carleton

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