Southern Christianity Vs. Yankee Zionism, (Cromwell’s Fanatical, Delusional, Holier Than Thou Zionist Virus)

Of the about twelve hundred Christian Sects, before 325 AD, the Council of Nicaea, about 1,140, taught reincarnation.

After the Council of Nicaea, these true christians, were hunted down, raped, robbed, and murdered, with the Roman Catholic Church appointing itself as the one true representative, of the “one true God”.

In other words, if you did not do exactly as they said, allow them to rape your children with their “Holy Pole”, give them a big chunk of your hard won fruits of your labor, this angry war god was going to BBQ your ass forever in a fire you never seen the likes of.

This of course to an ignorant, superstitious, unlearned, illiterate, (many of the kings of the early times, could not read or write, and had to depend on the monks for their knowledge, Don’t think maybe they got fed some bull shit benefited the church do you?), people.

They had them by the balls.

The true Christians who remained, held to the true path, had to go underground, and pretend to accept the bull shit fairy tale of this angry war god.

Going to skip a huge hunk of history, set you down in North America in the 1700-1800s.

America, the USA as it is thought of now, never was one people and one country.

Thats a fact jack! Until one admits it to themselves, not going to be able to understand the rest of the history of the North American States, (currently occupied by the Foreign for Profit, International Corporation, doing business as the USA).

The purpose of this is not to refight the four years of rape, murder, arson, theft, oppression, war crimes, done to the Southern people by Zionism.

It is to explain to those who do not understand the religious history of what the hell went down and wrong with the American experiment, as effected by religion.

Now Willian Cromwell was a minor blue blood, with illusions of grandeur. He was nucking futs!

He decided, that Revelations was not the past, but the future.
Only he could guide the people into “Gods kingdom on Earth”, through the “Purification of religion”, (doing everything his way).

But he needed “Jews” to make his wet dream of an evil oppressive control freak world happen.

He needed Hebrews, but there were none left by that name, so he substituted Eastern Europeans who had converted between 700-800 AD, to the Babylonian End of Times Pedophile Death Cult religion Jesus the Christ was fighting, when they murdered him.

This was a problem, as he was operating out of England, and my Great grandfather type, Edward, was a very smart man who gave a shit about his people, so had kicked the English child sacrificing Usury practicing bastards out a few hundred years before.

Cromwell’s insane ass, also needed money to wage war to become king, (he used another word, he was a huge hypocrite).

So, he cut a deal with the Usury bastards, to turn them back loose on English society, in order for their political and financial support.

He chopped a kings head off, waged war after war.

In due time however, the English people had had enough of his ass, and his descendants asses, and their fucked up holier than thou hypocrisy, demanded a king back, and to hell with Cromewlls fanatical “Puritans”.

England became down right unhealthy for the true believers, so they got on ships and went to New England in Mass.

Enough stayed in England, to help bring England to her knees for their Usury bastard masters.

But in America, the new crown had to come, arrest some of the criminals, so they could go back to England, stand trial and be executed for crimes against the crown.

Left too many, and there bred like the sewer rats they are.
They started by their numbers, spilling over into other colonies, stealing the lands and labor of the original colonist, with they vote and “democracy”.

Everywhere they went, they spread their control freak religious cult beliefs.

When your whole religion is based on a lie, it will not stand the test of time, and most of them no longer believed in a god, or the teachings of Cromwell, but they retained the hypocrisy, control freak mentality, the imagined superiority.

They went from belief to belief, with fresh passion each time.

This is what led to a group of people, violating every law on their own damn books, invading a people, having their “chaplains”, “men of God”, cheering on the troops raping/ murdering children, burning old folks inside their own homes, stealing, killing, terrorizing, and these ass holes telling the pedophiles, they were doing Gods work.

Now, Way down South where i come from, Things were a bit different.

Some of these true Christians, had gone under ground, taken on the trappings of the Holy Roman Empires Religion, sometimes the Protestant version, and continued to teach the true teachings of the Christ.

No Usury.

Be good to one another. Take care of the sick, the widow, the orphan. Each and everyday, not worrying about some end of times bull shit, work on your own life, to become a better person, a better father, a better husband, a better wife, a better child.

Yeah there were hypocrites among them. Ain’t no perfect world out there, never has been. Not in the plans.

My mother had been indoctrinated with end of times zionism, and a angry god.

My father when he married her, did not have a clue what he was getting. But he loved her, he put up with her screwed up beliefs.

As it shook out, they had eight children.

The oldest, don’t really know what to believe, and like the flame of a candle, always pointed whichever way the wind was blowing. But he is not a hypocrite. Will own up to his screw ups.

Youngest, myself, tried to do the way they said i should act, but just never could do that stuff.

Despised hypocrites.

Now i might have taken that a bit far the other way. thats called honesty.

i had sex with a girl, i did not pretend it did not happen.
i got drunk, did not lie about it.
Smoked weed, owned up to it.
i was who i was.

thats why i am know as the black sheep of the family, never could get that hypocrite thing down.

Will say, have one brother who is a good hearted man, tries to live and let live, but Mother got the end of times in his head, and he can not let go of it.

The rest of them are just self righteous hypocrites.

i know their lives and lies.

i understand both zionism, and true Christianity, the true path.

My father, was a true Christian. He always said no need to go worrying about all that stuff in the future, you lived your life as you should, be a good person, doing your duty, did not matter when death came, you would be alright.

Now about zionism.

You wonder how these people can do what they do, after preaching what they preach, judging others for the same shit they do or did?

Because, they are self righteous hypocrites who have trained themselves, to believe their own lies.

Had a sister, would tell her husband each Saturday, she was going to get her hair done.
And she did, just not the hair on her head.
Husband knew of one affair, there was a couple the did not know about.

Years back, the oldest brother who will own up to what he did, said something to her about one of his affairs, told her ,You know how that is, you had affairs.

She drew herself up the perfect picture of indignation, and said, “I never had an affair”.

Now, i am not sure if she knew she was lying her ass off, or if she really got herself convinced of this somehow.

But thats zionism.

The brother who did the baby sitter, but is real holy.

The sister and her husband sued anyone even looked in their direction.

The brother, when he got with a new bunch of religious fanatics, told him he should get his divorced wife back, got told by her.

“I don’t think you are going to be in Heaven, and if you are, I want nothing to do with it.”

Seen it up close and in action, but each one of these, except two brothers and i, got themselves convinced, they going to sit on the right hand of God.

This is why you see all those evangelical Christians, who are not Christians, clambering for more innocent blood, more war, more oppressive laws for “democracy” and “freedom”.

These are some fucked up, brain dead, evil minions.

Teaching this crap to children is child abuse.

Then they grow up to be evil lying ass holes.

Except for the occasional black sheep ass hole like me.

But i have a long history of bucking the system.

System ate me for lunch more than once.

Win some, lose some, but i will be back, and all them zionist ass holes, can kiss my “”black sheep ass!

Get er done!

Johnn C Carleton

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