Multiple Catholic Priest Expose The Practice Of Satanism Within The Vatican-The Last American Vagabond

i have fought the ignorance of the Sheep with all my being.

Because of that, the sheep think i am well meaning, but nuts.

The sheep, are always looking for an external savior. Taking responsibility for their own lives and spiritual growth, scares the sheep shit out of them.

Generation after generation, they deliver their children to the pedophile priest to be raped, for “God” i guess.

Don’t think these perverted pedophiles are regulated to the Catholic Church either.

A protestant is just a sheep who likes less ritual in their voodoo religions.

i wait for Nature, the Light, “God”, That Which Is, by whatever name you chose to use, to bitch slap the sheep so hard, it knocks out those grass teeth, so they can grow some meat eating teeth, and turn on their oppressors.

World will be a shit hole until that happens.

And the sheep will be disgusting losers until that happens.

Hurry Mother Nature, Please!

John C Carleton

Multiple Catholic Priests Expose The Practice Of Satanism Within The Vatican

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