The American sheep, are evil collaborating ass holes

These me first American sheep, are ignorant, collaborating ass holes who are the enemy of real Americas, however few there may be.

They are insane.

They claim to believe the bible, 100 percent.

The bible, if one really believes it, says plainly, that only “the Father”, or “God” himself, not the “son”, not even the Christ, knows the time of the Christ return to this earth.

Yet these ass holes, are trying to bring about WW 3, in order to FORCE, the Christ to return, IN THEIR LIFETIME, so he can save them from their own shit!

They beg their masters, to start new wars, murdering innocent people, in order that they make their fucked up nightmare come true.

They dream of a Nuclear war, so their imaginary god, saves them from themselves.

They want to blow up the whole damn world, so they can be cowardly sheep.

Fuck each and every American sheep up their rancid ass hole.

All they are good for is sex toys for the perverts they vote for, and cannon fodder.

The sooner they are ALL made cannon fodder, the sooner the rest of the world gets rid of their evil asses.

Bring it on!

And another one bites the dust! And another one, another one bites the dust, Oh Yeah!

John C Carleton

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