A people with no Honor, have no future as a free people.

When the people of Europe, left Europe, for the Americas, it was with great hope for a new beginning, one in which a persons own work, a persons own labor, courage, honor, would determine their future, not the dictates of inbred, pampered “royalty”, and the hanger ons of court.

Many left their bones, baking on the new land. They fought starvation, wild animals, sickness, solitary lives lived with no 911 to call in emergencies.

Many died, still more came to replace them, because there was a dream.
A dream of freedom, a dream where one was only limited by their own honor and industries, their own willingness to work, save, build.

Of course, not all came willingly.

Slavery is as old as humanity. Where ever there are humans, there is evil.
There is also good.
Evil and good do not live under the same roof.

The British Crown, sent their criminals, as slaves, to help build this new land.
Poor people, still wanting a chance at the dream, and having no chance at anything but poverty and death, in the old world, agreed to become slaves for a set term of years, to pay their passage to this new world of dreams.

Many of these died while slaves. Their lot in life, was harsh. Some lived to receive their freedom.

One of my ancestors, was sent as a slave, having been caught trying to steal a pewter sign off a business in London.

Thousands of Irish, were sent as slaves, so the English could steal their lands in Ireland.

The beginnings of this dream, were not clean. There were ass holes, evil and oppression mixed in in liberal amounts.

But the people slowly, built a new world, old practices which did not work in this new world was slowly weeded out.

Those who did not easily bend a knee, pushed on to undeveloped lands, further away from the centers of civilization on the East coast.

Here, away from the old influences, a man was only as good as his honor, his word.

A new way of doing things developed. Who your ancestors were, became less important, than if in a fight, one could trust the courage, the honor, the staying power, the “got your back”, of the individual.

The problem was, as these types of individuals, built new communities, the Usury bastards, the “State” loving cowards, followed along, stealing with their “government”, their votes, the labor of the people who built these communities.

This was not so much a problem, when there was more unsettled land. The Usury government control freaks caught up, the real men and women, gave them the finger and traveled off on their own again.

The problem came when all that land was settled, there was no more room to run from their control freak theft and oppression.

Thats when the dream died.

Today, America is a land of shit, ruled by shit, shit force fed to the American people, most of who love the shit, and clammer for more shit.

The American people, have proved themselves to be stupid, ignorant, lazy, self centered, me first, fuck the widow and orphan, Usury loving pieces of shit.

They beg the baby raping sons of bitches to send their children to foreign lands to murder others children,

They pray to their war god, to allow them to bash babies brains out against rocks.

They make “Heroes”, out of people who hide, and shoot innocent people trying to defend their lands and families from invasion, rape, theft and murder.

The more perverted and superficial a person is, the higher they are valued in American society.

Ignorance is placed on a pedestal, and the people bow down and worship it.

They allow evil asses to inject their children with viruses, heavy metals. Any who do not want their children’s immune system fried on the alter of big Pharma, are attacked publicly, arrested, their children taken away, placed in government run homes where the children are Raped, traumatized, and often murdered.

America was a dream of freedom.

America is a nightmare of evil shit.

Welcome to the United States of Shit.

i hope you shit loving Americans, get more and more shit piled on you.

You deserve it.

John C Carleton

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