Walking Pneumonia With Out the Boogie-Woogie Flu

Have been down for days. Get up, go out, feed the animals, get back in. Have not been able to eat hardly anything.

i Would like to thank Uncle Sugar’s pedophillic ass!

i was one of the most healthy people i knew before i shipped off in one of Uncle Sugars wars of aggression.

Grew up drinking uncontaminated well water, without added chemicals. Ate meat which we raised ourselves, vegetables which we raised, drank raw cows milk right out of the cow.

Was in country when the oil wells were set on fire. Some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets i ever saw in this life, then the fires. Everything turns dark, black, we breathed this stuff.

During that war, Uncle Sugar’s pedophillic ass used the war as cover to test a experimental vaccine, on it’s own GI’s. It was illegal, immoral, and un-American.

The Nazi’s which everyone loves to hate, did not experiment on their own troops.

USA has a loooonnnnngggggggg history of using captive military men run run experiments on.

From giving black soldiers syphilis, let them take it home to their families, studying them all the way through their lives, testing chemical/biological weapons on US GI’s, putting them up next to nuclear explosions, sending troops into Japan, days after the bombs were dropped, assuring them the scientist had checked it all out, and there was no danger.

Then always, always, lying about what they did, and refusing medical help and compensation to their victims.

i came home from that war, sick. Everyday after, i have had pain, sometimes horrible pain, sometimes not so bad. i have suffered sickness, from that time to now.
The experimental vaccine, fried our immune systems.

Get a common cold, will probably end up with pneumonia. Will take weeks to stop hacking and coughing, to get back in the saddle.

Thats why i have been absent for here.

Too damn sick.

Thank you Uncle Sugar!

John C Carleton

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