in this life, i had two dreams.

One i achieved, the other was just Jonah’s ship to Tarshish, to keep from warning the Nanivites of the wrath to come, if they did not repent of their evil.

i recall, from the time i was getting through high school, the thought, i just want to be the average American.

i simply had no idea, how badly the average American got fucked up the ass by the USA.

The USA, has been educating me on that ever since.

The other dream, was about five hundred acres, in the hills somewhere.

The older i got, the more the USA fucked me up the ass, the more i had to put up with the un-horable bleating of the sheep, the more i realized, that was a dream, of getting myself to a location, where i could seclude myself from the evil of the sheep, and the evil of the USA.

i have no dreams left in this life.

All that is left for me is my duty.

it is my duty, to tell the sheep who hate the truth, the truth.Telling the truth to the sheep, does not make one popular.

Ask Jesus the Christ about that!

Part B of that, is telling Ahab and Jezebel, that their evil will find them out, and the dogs will eat their ass.

This don’t make you popular with the sheep who idolize Ahab and Jezebel, or the evil murdering sons of bitches and bitches of the USA whorehouse.

This world, all of it, has nothing to offer me.

Don’t want to be king. Don’t want to be president. Don’t want to be filthy rich. Don’t want power over all humanity and the earth. Don’t want women, cars, ships, jets, mansions.

Of the twelve hundred or so, Christian sects, before 325 AD, 1140, taught reincarnation.

Reincarnation did not work well for kings and government herding the sheep where they wanted them, so the Roman catholic church, taught, one god, one life, and burning hell forever, if you did not do exactly as the Roman Catholic Church taught.

The Roman Cathotic Church, that Love of God bunch, hunted down and murdered all who dared teach anything but their version.

i have been the King, more than once. i have been the general, more than once. i have had all the women i wanted, all the money i wanted, all the power i wanted over others, life and death power.

When you meet someone, who has the abilities to make these things happen in their lives, and they turn their backs on them, it is because, from past lives, they know that path is a dead end, and does not bring happiness.

Happiness, is not why we are here.

This world is a school. The soul learns from it’s mistakes, eats the pain, and grows.

i belong more to the other side than this one.

Had a nephew tell be the other day how a guy he was having breakfast with, had a heart attack and died right there. Told me he started doing CPR, but could not bring him back.

i told him, when That Which Is, allows me to check out of this shit hole, if someone brings me back, i will hunt them down!

Dreams are for the young.

Duty is for the old!

John C Carleton.

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