Burden of Freedom-Kriss Krissofferson

If you are reading this, you made it into 2018.

Don’t know whether to congratulate you or extend sympathy.

Going to be a hell of a year, the gateway of the lean Years in America, which will be the tempering fire, which makes the youth of America strong.

Not going to be a pretty, or organized process.
Lots of hardship, secrets about the evil of Washington DC, and their masters, shown the sheep, which they can not ignore.

i assure you, if i though i could go spend the rest of my life on 50-100 acres, with a creek running through it, far enough in the sticks, i would not hear the bleating of the sheep, i would do it.

The sheep disgust me, always have from the first time i had to play sheep herder. Their self imposed stupidity, their lack of morals, courage, makes me just want to never be around them again.

Don’t work that way.

i could refuse to herd and guard the sheep from themselves, and the jackals.

Ask Jonah how that worked out!

The job of sheepherding is a thankless, lonely one.
i am glad the shit is hitting the fan, not getting any younger. Damn well tired of the sheep’s bleating in terror and greed.

Ready for the big sheep BBQ.

I will gladly accept and help those who decide they do not want to be sheep anymore.

The rest can become food for the jackals and vultures.
The jackals and vultures have to eat too.

Kriss Kristofferson was a man who had a secure, well paying future.
He left it all to be a sheep herder, not because he wanted too i am sure, but because, however reluctantly, (talking from personal experience here), he accepted his duty and did the best he could, it in the face of a for the most part, ungrateful, condemning, complaining herd of smelly stupid sheep.

He is one of my heroes.

He said it better than i could.

One must do their duty.

John C Carleton

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