Jesus Loves My Money This i Know, Cause John Hagee Told Me So-BitChute

i Have nothing but respect for a real honest minister who lives what he preaches to others, such as my father.

I have nothing but disgust and disdain for a charlatan who shears the sheep, and herds then onto the path of evil, for their masters sake.

Did this video in honor of my father, who was a real man of God.

i am moving from YouTube to BitChute, as YouTube has been censoring anything which is pro American, and negative against the occupiers and enemies of America and Americans.
This video, was reloaded twice to Youtube, with no sound on phones where most videos are watched. no problems before with my videos. I however posted a link to three of my Pro-American, Anti-occupier videos the Day before i uploaded this one. Suddenly i have problems with no sound on phones.

John C Carleton

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