Is Trump an International War Criminal, or is Everything Americans Believe About their History and “Government” a Damn Lie?

I am firmly convinced i did some very bad things in a former life to draw sheep herding duty. They are so stupid, so cowardly.

Johan and i agreed the sheep deserve to die bleating in terror, but he tells me, might as well just herd them, as if i try to run from sheep herder duty, the whale will just eat my ass!

They are so frightened, of everything!

They MUST believe in an external savior! The thought of being responsible for anything, much less their own spiritual growth, and having to pay for all the stupid, evil, back handed shit they do to each other, causes them to poop in their wool.

The same True Believer ass holes, who insist Washington DC/USA, is a Legitimate government, when you start calling Trump an International War Criminal, start to defend him by saying he has not been in charge long enough to get control of Everything.


Trump is they claim, a legitimate president, of a legitimate government, governed by a legitimate “constitution.

If what Americans were taught in government class in public schools is true, the president is commander in chief of the USA Military.
This means, Trump says jump, the whole damn military shouts out, How high Sir!
Anything else, and what was taught American in Government class was total bull shit.

So is Trump an International war criminal, as the USA military has murdered innocent people in their own lands, which the USA invaded and occupied illegally, ever since Trump was sworn in?
Remember, they taught you in Government schools, that the entire Military shouted out, How High Sir, when the Commander In Chief said jump!

So is the entire military yelling, How Many of these Bastards do you want us to murder today Sir!

Or is the top military brass telling Trump, Fuck you, you ass hole, we will murder and invade anyone, anytime we want to!

Can’t have it both ways.

But the Trickster Trumpsters True Believers, are sure as hell trying!

Ok. Heres the deal.
Trump is getting his enormous ego stroked, as a reality star, in a scripted , tightly controlled, televised reality show.

Trump has to call Tel Aviv, get permission from Nitwityahoo to take a piss, before he can take a leak in the big white Cat House.

No one from the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, Justice, supreme court, FEMA, BATFE, pay the least attention to what Trump wants or says. they all just designate persons who’s duty it is to stroke Trumps enormous ego.

Washington DC/USA, is a for profit, International War Criminal Corporation, incorporated under British Anglo zionist Empire Law, and is the military arm of said Empire.

This corporation, it’s CEO, Congress, all those alphabet agencies, the top military brass, don’t give a flying fuck about America or American’s, beyond using their children as sex toys and cannon fodder, and their parents as debt slaves to benefit Usury bankers and international corporations.

The sheep make this whole evil illusion, and DC crime spree possible by their self imposed ignorance a cowardly collaboration.

Jonah and i agree, sheep are dirty, stupid, despicable, cowardly, head up smelly assed losers.

i thought about “herding” them off a cliff, telling That Which is, it was a stampede caused by a sheep farting too long and loud, but Jonah assures me he tried that one, and get got his ass ate by the whale.

Well, back to the drawing board!

John C Carleton