US-Israel Dual Citizens Can Serve in Congress But Not Knesset-The Seeker

No such thing as a dual citizenship.

It is a zionist mind fuck.

Bible says, and it is just repeating rules of the Universe, “A man can not serve two masters. He will love the one, and hate the other, or hate the one, and love the other.”

What you have is an occupation government, which was already a crime cabal, taken over by another crime cabal, through blackmail and bribes.

Fuck Israel!

I am An American!

America, first, last, only!

John C Carleton

As Trump’s unhinged threat to cut off nations that refuse to recognize Jerusalem illustrates, Americans are Zionists prisoners. There were 40 Israeli-US dual citizens in Congress in 2014.
The current list includes Dem. Minority Leader Charles Schumer and Diane Feinstein.
A list of former administration officials with dual citizenship includes Henry Kissinger and Janet Yellin. Where do their loyalties lie? Greater Israel? When are Americans going to realize that their independence has been lost?
Israel Dual Citizens — by Richard Edmonston
(abridged by
A few weeks ago I posted an article entitled Zionists Form Group to Promote Kurdish Statehood, about the latest efforts underway to carve up the Middle East. In the course of researching that article I made a rather interesting discovery: that Israel has a law prohibiting holders of dual citizenship from serving in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.
Needless to say, we need such a law here in the US, but of course anyone who suggests this gets accused of anti-Semitism.
A couple of years ago when talk show host Diane Rhem interjected a discussion about dual Israeli citizenship into an interview with Senator Bernie Sanders, Rhem was subjected to withering criticism. The ADL, among others, jumped into the fray, accusing Rhem of playing into “classic anti-Semitic charges of dual loyalty,” and the talk show host was forced to issue an apology.
And this kind of thing doesn’t just happen in America. When an official in South Africa proposed a law that would revoke South African citizenship under certain circumstances, one of them being if dual citizens were to serve in the armed forces of the other country, the reaction from South African Jews was about what you’d expect: South African Jewish community leaders have expressed outrage at an African National Congress (ANC) official’s recent announcement of possible plans to ban dual citizenship.
While Obed Bapela, head of the ANC’s national executive committee’s subcommittee on international relations, has countered that the idea includes anybody with dual citizenship without discrimination, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and South African Zionist Federation have issued a joint communication condemning the move as discriminatory towards Jews.
But dual citizens are banned from serving in the Israeli Knesset and no one seems to get too upset over it.


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