Which Direction From Here?

Trust me, i would not be doing this if it were not part of my duty.

Preaching to the choir may get some Amens, but no one is seeing the light, don’t already see it.

The sheep are grazing tranquilly while the Butcher sharpens his knives.

Until the hail starts beating them on the head, sheep around them start getting their throats cut, butchered, they will in their self imposed ignorance refuse to see the light.

Accrued to me, there are enough stories on this site, a person could spend years reading, thinking about, and digesting what is here.

How many stories must one post of Israeli/USA/EU/NATO/UK/France/Denmark, Vatican and a host of others, murdering Children in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, America?

How many stories must or can one post showing the British Anglo zionist Empire is controlled by a hidden hand?

How many articles showing Washington DC is a bunch of un-honorable baby rapers/murderers, and bribe takers?

How many such articles do the awake have to read, to understand the Evil of the Empire, and all it’s whores?


i am going to start concentrating on writing articles myself, exposing the evil of the Charlatans who run organized religion for the benefit of the Empire.

Of the “men of god”, who herd the sheep into the darkness for evils sake.

Of Natural Rights, and Natural Law, the answer to America’s, and the worlds salvation from evil Usury bankers who rape and murder children because they are sick pieces of shit.

Still will post in your face Empire did it/Uncle Sugar caught with his pants down in the kiddy park.

i know no one better prepared, to point out the evils of false religious leaders, and evil political whores.

As the ole religious song says, “This World is Not My Home, I’m Just Passing Through.

What they going to do? Kill me?

They can not have my soul, and they can not kill my soul.

This body is old and worn, have lived with sickness and pain, daily, for twenty six years, every since Washington DC used me, and tens of thousands of other GI’s as lab rats, with an experimental shot, and are still lying about doing it.

“Fear not he who can destroy your body, but he who can destroy your soul.

Fuck em!

John C Carleton

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