Trump’s Illegal Move ON Jerusalem Is Backfiring-Information Clearing House

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John C Carleton

Trump’s Illegal Move on Jerusalem is Backfiring

By Mazin Qumsiyeh

December 18, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – Tribalism and nationalism are rearing their ugly heads and people suffer.

The people of the world are waking up despite the fact that most mainstream
media is now “managed” to give that Zionist message of danger from Iran,
Hizballah etc, while ignoring war crimes and crimes against humanity being
perpetuated daily by Israel and its puppets like Mohammad Bin Salman. What
media is not managed, is blocked in most of the Arab world run by those
dictators. The mainstream media is complicit in ensuring people are not
aware of what is going on. Imagine if a Muslim sniper shot an American or a
Jewish double amputee who lost his legs to another Muslim attack years
earlier? How would the media have reacted. How would the media react if a
dictator who is not friendly to the US was doing what he and his senile
father were doing now. They just arrested the rich guys in their country
and even visiting rich guys from other countries (like Hariri from Lebanon
and Sabeeh Amasri from Jordan) and are stripping them of heir wealth! They
are beheading any opposition.

On good news, the growing mass movement exposing Israeli apartheid
continues to grow and the Zionists are feeling frustrated that despite
increased spending on propaganda by 20 fold over 15 years, the anti-Zionist
movement continues to grow. Instead of admitting they need to start to
respect human rights, Zionists debate doing more propaganda/hasbara. See
this must read report on the analysis by Zionists of their own-movement.

Trump’s illegal move on Jerusalem is backfiring. It exposed all the puppets
paying the Zionist movement and bending over backward to please Zionist
occupied Washington. It is forcing those who were close to selling it all to
begin to back-track. It also exposed what Trump called the deal of the
century: profiting rich dictators and sacrificing tens of millions of
Palestinians, Egyptians, Yemenis, Hijazis (I refuse to use the term derived
from “Saudi Arabia”) and other Arabs. To be precise the plan is sacrificing
the interests of 350 million Arabs and 1.6 billion Muslims for the short
term interests sake of a handful of billionaire Zionists and the Jews who
foolishly follow them to the edge of the cliff. Short term, the Trump plan
is to consolidate Israel’s control over Jerusalem and the rest of the
occupied West Bank, settle refugees in Jordan and Sinai and strengthen
Israel’s hand. The resistance forces stretching from Lebanon to Iran and
Yemen must be weakened to pass this horrible scheme. That is why these
resistance forces had to be defeated especially now that Iran, Syria,
Lebanon and Iraq won over the US/Israel created and funded “Islamist”
militias including the so called “Islamic State”. Yet, the colonial idea of
divide and conquer is falling apart as resistance is coming from Shi’a and
Sunnis and Chrristians and Kurds and Druse and Yezidis and many others.


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