Break the Children’s Bones: How Israel Torture, Maims and kills Palestinians-Darkmoon

There is a war, a very old war, for the souls of humanity.

Israel, is a British Anglo zionist Empire outpost.

It is there to stir up trouble, start wars, steal wealth, and give the criminal Usury banker, a safe heaven they can not be extradited from.

The buck toothed, inbred religious fanatics are being used for the furthering of Israels masters plans.

The Buck toothed religious fanatics, are considered dirt beneath the feet of the top shelve zionist, and will be thrown under the bus when it is advantageous, just as their ancestors were thrown to the dogs to force them to move to Palestine.

People, who do what they do to other people, deserve no mercy, when their turn comes.

John C Carleton

Break the Children’s Bones: How Israel Tortures, Maims and Kills Palestinians

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