Putin Has His George Washington Moment

Has Putin had his George Washington moment?

On his death bed, old and sick, he will curse that day, for his personal failure.

He will see the damage he did, to Russia, to the whole world, in that one second, when he let timidness, or greed, or lust for wealth, power, the “good life”, get the better of his desire to put things right.

He will curse his decision, Knowing as his earthly body dies, that he screwed up badly, and it is beyond his ability to fix, or pay for his mistake, in this life.

On his deathbed, he would willingly trade all the days from then to present, all the women, all the money, all the power, for Chance to go back and fix that one mistake, even if he had died doing his duty.

But it will be too late.

Putin, if the English language stories are true, (wish i spoke and read Russian, don’t, don’t have the time to learn),Putin, when he announced his draw down of Russian Troops in Stria, said these troops could go home as they had achieved victory over ISIS in Syria.

That is a lie.

Not sure if it is just a lie, or a damned lie.

ISIS is alive and well IN Syria AND on her borders.

ISIS is the lust child of CIA and a MOSSAD agents, got falling down dunk, had an orgy, nine months later, little ISIS was born.

Little ISIS took on the WORST characteristics of both evil parents.

Little ISIS grew up to be a first class murdering son of a bitch!

ISIS’s parents, send ISIS out to rape, rob, murder and bring home the loot.

The parents, are part of the British Anglo zionist world wide criminal Empire.

The CIA parent, has their military arm, Pentagon, occupying Syria, while little ISIS rapes, robes, and murders innocent Syrian civilians and Syrian government troops inside Syria’s own borders. Anytime the Syrian “police”, try to arrest little ISIS, PAPA has the Pentagon bomb the Syrian civilians and military in support of little ISIS.

Well, what is a degenerate criminal parent to do?

The mama, now thats a nasty bitch.

She has been occupying part of Syria, for fifty years.

Everytime little ISIS uses that occupied Syrian territory to murder Syrians, and the Syrian police try to arrest little ISIS, mama has her military arm, IDF, bomb the Syrian civilians and Syrian Government troops.

Mama gives ISIS all kinds of bombs, rockets, guns, to murder innocent Syrians.

Both MAMA and Daddy criminal gang members, fly their murder machines into Syria, bomb the hell out of them anytime they want, without any worries.

It is obvious by now, Russia is not going to shoot them down inside Syria, for murdering Syrian, in support of ISIS.

It is obvious, Russia is not going to turn over all those S-400 defense systems to the Syrians, so they can shoot them down.


Houston, we have a problem!

So, as Larry, Moe and Curly, do whatever they want to, anytime they want to, as often as they want to, and are still very much doing this, there is no victory over ISIS in Syria.

Putin, lied.

Perhaps he misspoke.

Perhaps he will clear this up.

Perhaps he is a thirty shekel prostitute, sold his soul to the zionist.

Or, perhaps he just had his George Washington moment, knew what should be done, and timid in politics, tried to compromise with evil.

That never ends well.

Ask George Washington next time you run into him.

Oh yes, let me explain the George Washington Moment.

Now, US History books and culture, try to portray George Washington as a common man made good.

BS. Sounds good.

Ole George had more royal ancestors than that ole German cow dragoon queen, occupying the English Isles.

He was descended from the Spencer’s, the blood the ole dragoon queen bred into her grandchildren by marrying ole chinless charlie to Diana Spencer, the rightful blood of the English throne.

He was English/Scottish, Walsh,Irish, French, royalty.

He looked at the common man, as a burden and a hope.

Ole George did not like sheep.

Was his hope that the sheep would grow with the land, come to deserve America.

He was a warrior, showed bravery in battle, and did the best he could with a government which did not want to feed the troops, troops which deserted in times of hardship, personal financial loss in the war.

As a Statesman, he showed cowardice, when it mattered.

When Hamilton and his bunch forced the “constitution” on the people, making them slaves once more, tried to impose unfair/arbitrary taxes on the veterans who fought for freedom,to not have to pay such taxes, George SHOULD have taken the troops, who would have followed and obeyed his orders, Arrested for treason, Hamilton and his evil buddies, (For Empire, Pro Constitution), given them a fair military trial, and a fair hanging, put the country back on the Articles of Confederation.

Had he done so, America would not be the oppressive, occupied shit hole it is today.

His cowardice when it mattered, undid all he and those men fought for, all those long, bloody, cold, hot, hungry, sick years.

He, by his cowardice as a Statesman, betrayed himself, and all who fought under him, all the mothers/fathers/wives, who sent their men off to fight and die for freedom.

It was a shame and a pain, which he could not banish from his mind, as he lay taking his last breaths.

Ole George was dying before he realized his folly.

You can not compromise with evil, un honorable creatures, even if they do appear human, at least part of the time.

Putins still alive.

I would advise him, to think of his thoughts, as he lay dying, years from now, in a warm bed.

John C Carleton

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