Why America Was Never Great Again-Real Jew News

Recently, when the trickster trumpster, mouthed off about moving the “capital”, of the little crime cabal occupying Palestine, Holocusting the indigenous Palestinian people, from Tel Aviv, (which needs the big one dropped on it), to Jerusalem, which is recognized by the whole Arab/Islamic world, as an Islamic city. It is so recognized, and supposably protected by UN rules, I saw some Jews i thought of as real Americans, piss their pants in joy, at the thought of shoving the Israhell flag, collectively, up the Islamic worlds ass!

We are talking starting a damn war, in which more dumbed down American children will die, be screwed up for life, for something which is none of America’s damn business.

I knew America had a Zionist problem.

It appears, when the lone American is on that hill surrounded by savage zionist, with only his true Jewish friend at his back, and he ask his Jewish friend, what are we going to do now.

His Jewish friend says back, What you mean we, Goy!

Hello Houston!

We have a problem!

No more fence straddling.

One is either an American, or an enemy of America and Americans.

John C Carleton