When eternal peace breaks out, let me know: In the meantime-

In the meantime, the sheep need some old wolves to herd them.

Not to the slaughter house.

Said old wolves.

Old wolves do not have the need to prove themselves in battle or bringing down prey.

That they are old, is testament to their skills in both.

The old wolf, only takes that which he needs to survive, no killing for killings sake.

The old wolf, may prefer goat, jackals, to mutton.

The old wolf can not keep the sheep from acting like sheep, only keep the jackals from the sheep’s young, so there is a next generation.

The wolf tends to prefer to stay in the treelike, out of sight, as the smell of sheep, their ignorance, follow the herd instinct, offends him. The sheep also poop their pants in fear at his sight, as they are too stupid to comprehend the difference between an ole Lobo, and a cowardly jackal.

The wolf dreams of a day when it will no longer be his duty to assist the sheep.

Most people misunderstand what went on in the garden, before Jesus the Christ was murdered by the Babylonian adulterated Judaic religion worshiping Hebrews, (the real ones).

You will notice, that all through history, the men sent, by the Light, to bring knowledge too, to try to help, call for a turn from evil, the very people they have tried to help, run/hide in fear while the Lights emissary is put to death.
Did not see the people Jesus the Christ was trying to help, stand up for him.


Because he was an old wolf/they were sheep.

Sheep are cowardly, stupid, ungrateful animals.

Jesus the christ, did not fear death.

He understood that his time drew near.

He was saying, “Come on! Why the hell do i have to be the sheep herder again!


Come on! Cut me a break!

Jesus the christ, understood sheep.

John C Carleton

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