“If the people hear my voice, repent from their evil, i will forgive them, and not destroy them”

Now the first thing my Theology professor told us when i entered university, was them old Hebrew writers liked to write poetically .
Put another way, that means they liked to embellish the truth.

Put in plain English, they mixed a lot of half truths and outright lies in with the truths sprinkled throughout the bible.

Now for you sheep never studied this, the bible was not written as one book.
The Roman Catholic Church, gathered all the old writings, threw out the ones said truths they did not want the sheep knowing.
Put the ones in said they as gods chosen religious leaders, got to rob, rape and murder the poor, world over, at will.

Anyone tries to say the bible is the complete, god inspired, word for word, infallible, gods rules to mankind, is either a village idiot, or a minion of the dark side sent to lead the sheep in the paths of evil for evil’s sake.

There are however, gems of truth in the writings of the bible.
just got to put the whole thing in the pot, melt it down as gold, take the impurities off the top, (ever notice, the shit always floats to the top, makes me think of Washington DC, and Austin Texas), to have “pure gold”.

One such truth is, if people will repent of their evil, self centered, backstabbing, thieving, Usury, materialistic ways, they and their society will be spared the judgement destruction coming.

Let me boil this down farther, get the “Pure America” out of this.

If Americans, repent for being sheep, doing each others sons, daughters, spouses, like a pack of dogs in heat;
If Americans, take Jesus the Christ advice, start chaining some cinder blocks around pedophiles necks, throwing them in the deep end of the pool;
If Americans, stop stealing the last penny with Usury, from the widow and the orphan;
If Americans, stand up in mass, give the bird to Washington DC, tell them that is quite enough baby raping, enough bull shit wars you lied to start, enough supporting evil terrorism against people all around the world.
There are an abundance of empty tree limbs/light post around Washington DC.
Fair common law trials/ fair common law sentences, may help you find the truth and stop your evil mickey mouse shit!

The melt down of America, starvation, epidemic of suicides, Economic devastation, mayhem in the streets of America, can be avoided.
Don’t mean you can stop all the bad from coming home. Going to have to pay for the party, always do. The blow to America however, will be moderated, more organized. As such, it will be much easier to rebuild America into what it should have been, not the evil, oppressive shit hole it has become under the leadership of the zionist puritan sons of bitches hang out raping babies in Washington DC.

So, American sheep.
You can do it the easy way, or the hard way.
i Know you like neither way, but none of the above does not work here.

To do it the easy way, you need to start building up those leg muscles, so you can get up off your ass, and extending your middle finger, singly or in pairs.

Personally i prefer the double bird when saluting the gentuza of Washington DC.

You don’t even want to hear about the hard way!

Now all Together!

John C Carleton

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