Trump Team Didn’t Just Collude With Israel, Kushner was Acting as Foreign Agent for Tel Aviv-21st Century Wire

Trump is Nitwityahho’s bitch, USA/Washington DC is Israel’s bitch. To hell with both of them, I am an American. America first, last, always. You put another people or country before Americans and America, get the hell out of my country, while the getting is good. John C Carleton Trump Team Didn’t Just Collude with Israel, […]

Russia Commissions $27 Billion Yamal LGN in Russian Arctic-gCaptain

Amazing! Simply Amazing! The Russian government, invest in Russia’s future. Washington DC gives the American families labor, converted to dollars, to Israel, who attacked the USA in 1967, and 2001. AMERICA DOES NOT HAVE A FUTURE UNLESS THEY TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK. USA-USA-USA-USA, the bitches of Israel! John C Carleton Russia Commissions $27 Billion Yamal […]