Why Globalist Need War Soon-Acctivest Post

The ass wipe zionist who call themselves “Jews”, have no emotional attachment to Palestine.

The top shelf zionist “Jews”, are not stupid like the buck toothed inbred scum they have raping and Holocusting the Indigenous Palestinian people in their own homeland.
They know Palestine has nothing to do with their ancestors, and that their ancestors never ever lived there.
They know their bunch, (Eastern Europeans), converted to the evil adulterated Babylonians Judaic cult religion, (this is not the same religion or god of the Hebrew people in the time of Kings David and Solomon), between 700-800 AD.

Israhell is a mind fuck.

If you believe their bull shit, your mind is fucked!

America for Americans.

If your first loyalty, lies other than to America, or American’s, get you worthless ass out of my country, while it is easy.

John C Carleton

Why The Globalists Need A War, And Soon

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