Trump Settles Debt With ZIonist-Conferms That Iran’s Struggle Is Righteous-Moon of Alabama

Trump is not an American.

Trump is a zionist son of a bitch, and a bitch of Israhell himself.

If anything will make the middle East break out into a compleat destruction and killing zone, it is this.

Mr. and Mrs. American! Do you want your labor, (tax money), spent, murdering innocents?

Do you want you children coming home in a box for Israhell?

Do you want your children coming home so traumatized fighting Israhell’s evil wars, they commit suicide, or drink themselves to death trying to kill the pain.

If you do, you are a true bitch of Israhell, and you are NOT an AMERICAN.

American is going to become unhealthy for her enemies.

Might want to take the Trickster Trumpster, and get you worthless child raping and killing supporting ass to Occupied Palestine.

If you are not an American, get the fuck out of my country!

America First, Last, always.

Fuck the USA/Israhell. They can not be separated.

May Americans find their balls, educate themselves, and then declare freedom!

John C Carleton