The US Constitution Was Never Necessary for Military Defense

Before the US┬áConstitution of 1787 was ratified, its proponents have claimed a centralized and powerful American state was necessary for the purposes of military defense. But, as the Anti-Federalists of the time pointed out, the original constitution (known as the Articles of Confederation) had already been sufficient to allow the colonies to defeat what was […]

War is Peace-Gilad Atzmom

Fuck Trump! Fuck USA/Washington DC! Fuck Israhell! Three names for the same evil. I am an American. America first, last, always! Oh, if you do not like America, if you do not put her before all other Nations and countries, you are not an American, you are a enemy of my people and country. Might […]

Why Globalist Need War Soon-Acctivest Post

The ass wipe zionist who call themselves “Jews”, have no emotional attachment to Palestine. The top shelf zionist “Jews”, are not stupid like the buck toothed inbred scum they have raping and Holocusting the Indigenous Palestinian people in their own homeland. They know Palestine has nothing to do with their ancestors, and that their ancestors […]