The System Repudiated, by Charlottesville Survivor-The Unz Review

The governor, the city government heads, and the heads of the police, should be arrested, charged with Treason against the American people.

Give them a fair trial, a fair hanging.

Give them what they gave Americans who gave a shit about their heritage, about American heritage.

Fuck Israhell!

Fuck Washington DC/USA!

I am an American!

America First, Last, always!

John C Carleton

The System Repudiated
City’s Own Report Confirms Charlottesville Police, Politicians Conspired to Suppress Unite the Right Rally

In the heat of anger, the very day the Unite The Right [UTR] rally against Confederate statue vandalism in Charlottesville, Virginia fell apart in blood and teargas, I accused the Charlottesville Police Department not just with allowing Antifa Leftist paramilitaries to attack Alt Right protestors, but also with attacking protestors themselves by using tear gas to force them into the hands of Antifa. Police prevented the Alt Right from defending itself. They deliberately funneled protestors into a hateful mob of anti-white lunatics, as if trying to get them killed. Then, even though such speculation perhaps appeared paranoid, I argued police had deliberately given Antifa control of the streets while simultaneously threatening the Alt Right with arrest. As a result, all of Charlottesville turned into a swirling chaos, which culminated in a fatality.

I was too restrained. The police were more malevolent, sadistic and evil than even the most unhinged conspiracy theorist could have imagined.

An “Independent Review Of The 2017 Protest Events In Charlottesville, Virginia,” by a team headed by Timothy J. Heaphy of the Richmond VA law firm Hunton & Williams commissioned by the Charlottesville city government, has just been released. The results are utterly damning. No accusation leveled on August 12 even approached the actual conduct of the Charlottesville Police Department. The only question: whether incompetence or malevolence was the greater factor.

The Heaphy Report raises major issues about the future of free speech in the United States, the influence of Leftist radicalism within government, and the politicization of law enforcement. But, as lawsuits are already pending, the specific events, decisions, and tactical police deployments highlighted in the Heaphy Report are likely to draw the most attention in the immediate future.


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