9-11/Israel did it-Wikispooks

Folks, just way too much evidence out there Israhell has been attacking America/Americans, at least from 1967 on.

USS Liberty on, to include 9-11, on again until the present.

All people who call themselves Americans, have to ask themselves a question.

Do i put America first, or do i put the true enemy of the American people first?

If the answer, is anything other than, i put America/ Americans first, then you are not an American.

If the Answer is, i put Mexico first, get you ass and all your spawn back to Mexico.

If your answer is i put Africa first, get your ass and all your spawn, get your asses to Africa.

If your answer is Israhell, i would advise, you gather your belongings, all your spawn, use that Israhell Passport, get you ass the hell out of my country, before the shit hits the fan.
Afterwards, well, these American boys going to be hungry for pork, they going to get to cornering pigs, where ever they can for the great sheep and pig BBQ.
No shortage of either pigs or sheep.

The American people are becoming aware, if they march around the walls of evil, of Washington DC, seven times, blow the trumpet of truth, the walls of evil will come tumbling down, shining the burning light of illumination on the dwellers of that city of depravity, buggery, pedophilia, Theft, murder and evil!

John C Carleton