America Betrayed-Darkmoon.

Fuck Israhell! I Am an American!

America first!

Now, not that the average Judaic fanatical religious cult member in occupied Palestine, does not deserve the karma they have coming, But the word is Zionist.

I don’t care what color, nationality, gender, religion, a zionist is an evil piece of shit which will never live in peace with those around them.

Every time the Usury banker sons bitches push things too far, the mobs go after the poor Jews. The rich ones, make sure they work the mobs up against “Jews” when the mobs need to concentrate on the Zionist Usury Bankers, and their zionist whore politicians.

Makes no sense to take out people unable to stop the parasites from feasting on you, and allow the parasites to hide out in their mansions in other countries, until the anger and the bloodlust of the mobs are satisfied.

Then they come out of the woodwork like cockroaches, and start butt fucking everyone again.

If you want the laughing hyena to stop eating your children, you do not go step on the grasshopper.

John C Carleton

America Betrayed

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