The Silent partner in America’s molestation culture-Revisionist Review

The pedophilia rampant in the adulterated Babylonian Judaism cult, is something that awake people are aware of, the MSM, THE Washington DC pedophiles, the Zionist Christian churches, will not speak, and the American sheep are hopelessly indoctrinated cowards.

Jesus said, if you hurt one of these little ones, it is better you had some cinder blocks chained around your neck and thrown in the deep end of the pool.

All these bible thumpers go around, “GOD BLESS THE USA!

Why would he? Because Washington politicians rape and murder babies?

Because the Christian churches protect pedophiles?

Because American sheep willingly serve in Washington’s killing machine, murdering innocents, for pedophiles?

God is aware of America, but it is not a blessing he is getting ready.

“Be not deceived, for god is not mocked, for whatever man sows, that shall he also reap.

America has sowed evil and shit.

Going to reap evil and shit now.

John C Carleton