10 Secrets About America That Will Make you Wonder Where All the Freedom went-The Last American Vagabond

Good Read.

However, there were 9, Nine, years of freedom in America, after the War for Freedom Against Britain was over.

Nine years of freedom, thats what all that fighting, dying, sorrow and devastation, bought the American people, Nine years.

Then the “elites”, Usury bankers like Hamilton, Political whores like George Washington, yankee Puritan zionist ass holes from New England and Mass., you know, the “witch burners”, forced on the American people, the “Constitution”, without which, the slavery of the American people, and the Evil Empire you see around you, would have been impossible.

Nine fucking years of freedom, followed by over two hundred years of slavery to Washington DC.

Americans need to pull their heads out of their zionist indoctrinated asses, and grow a set.

John C Carleton

10 Secrets About America That Will Make You Wonder Where All The Freedom Went

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