Syrian Army Seizes US, Israeli arms From ISIL in Deir Ezzur-Fars News

Every time some of these terrorist are taken out, all the evidence one needs to hold Nuremberg war crime trials on the USA and Israeli “government” minions, is found!

Every Damn Time!

Once is, better watch these ass holes.

Twice is, think these ass holes are scum of the earth, and bare watching VERY closely.

Three times is, drop the big one on Tel Aviv, turn Dc into a walled prison camp for pedophile war criminal politicians/generals, but i digress, and make black gravel out of the black rock.

Far as i am concerned, the above stand accused, tried and convicted of war crimes.

If i had Mother Natures phone number, i would call in a scum sucking vermin exterminator call. Tell Mother Nature, the earth can not return to it’s normal state, until Natures Exterminator, exterminates a hell of a lot of cockroaches!

John C Carleton