How much is your soul worth?

If you are going to sell your soul, sell high. Might as well get a lot of what you think you want for your soul. Reason being, when it is time to buy it back, anything you got for selling it, will pale in comparison to the karma required to erase the negative energy you attached to your soul in pursuit of pleasures on this world.

Pay back is a bitch, so the saying goes. It most certainly is.

Best just not to sell your soul, get with Mother Natures plan, of caring for the earth, not raping, robbing, murdering each other to see who can be the biggest ass hole.

Here is the problem with organized religion. It always relieves the sinner of the sin, so to speak. It does not teach personal responsibility for ones soul, spiritual growth. Organized religion does not tell the truth of the karma brought on, by negative acts, which EACH and EVERY person must account for, here or the here after. No one escapes the same rules and regulations.

You can be baptized every single day of your life, you can light candles or incense to every thing and deity you can think of or up, and you are still going to personally have to go through the process of paying for that negative energy attached to your soul, by negative acts, against yourself, as well as against other living creatures.

SO how much shit do you want to eat.

How much you do have to eat, is tied directly and proportionally, to how much shit you dish out in life here on earth.

Want to eat a ship load of shit?
Be an ass hole.
You will eat that ship load of shit.

John C Carleton