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Back around 1976, i was already trying to convince people the country had to stop borrowing and spending, or the criminals in Washington DC would eventually do one of two things.

Outright default on all debts and obligations.

Hyper-inflating the fake dollar to the point, where creditors receive worthless paper for pay offs.

I tried to tell Americans either avenue would wipe out the middle class, and all their savings.

The ass holes in Washington DC have decided to party on, and choose the Hyper-inflation rout of stealing all of the American peoples savings and future.

To be truthful, i thought they would not get to this point in my lifetime, crime in high places however, is like a snowball rolling down a mountain side on it’s way to hell. Picking up weight and speed with ever yard it travels down hill.

Not a whole lot of time left, two years max, till the dollar is so worthless people use them to wipe their asses on, as they are not worth enough to buy butt wipe paper.



John C Carleton

Celente – This Event Will Trigger Oil To Spike Over $100 A Barrel In A Matter Of Weeks, Igniting Gold & Cryptocurrencies