Americans Need to Find a Set of Balls, and Some Honor.

Most Americans are dirty, stinking, cowardly, self serving, stupid, ignorant, clueless consumers of chemicals and GMO adulterated “food”.

Many of them eat a whole lot of this”food”.

Ever go to Wally World, get a couple of these rude heifers put their wide load sign needing asses together, completely block a complete isle, Some of these GMO food dumpsters, can block the whole isle with just one huge ass.

They “vote”, year after year for lying pedophillic sacks of bribe taking shit. When the piece of shit does not do what they promised to get the “vote”, the sheep piss themselves in disappointment and bleat angrily, year after year.

They allow the bastards in Washington DC to force deadly vaccines, with heavy metals, and live cancer cells to be forced on their new born babies, and small children.

They say a pledge, and wave a flag with reverence, which has not only flown over the rape of America, but much of the world.

They have allowed themselves to get to the point, where they are sheep, only dirty stinking stupid sheep.

A real man or woman, would protect their offspring from the jackals, instead of gutlessly, (sheep like), delivering up their children to the jackals for a warmer place to sleep, and some GMO poison.

If Americans do not find a set of balls and a working brain, might as well just test those USA nukes on America.

Being a sheep is not living. It is existing, but not living.

Time to be a man mister America.

Time to be a mother Mrs. America.

Time to be human, with honor and a set of balls.

Fuck Washington DC and the thirty shekel whores which ply their trade of human sorrow in that cursed place.

Fuck the evil of the USA.

Time to be an real American.

Need to reach down, feel and see if there is anything there America!

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton