Tillerson: US Could Stay in Iraq, Wanted or Not-Information Clearing House

I made a decision, when i was young, not to become a politician.

Had there still been need of Statesmen in the criminal capitol, i might have gone to DC.

By the time i was of age, i recognized the evil and corruption of DC, and decided i did not want to have to associate with such scum.

I have always suspected, there is something in the water, or a virus in the soil of DC, which takes control of the human mind, and makes it short circuit, putting out all sorts of bull shit and bad decisions.

I am sorry Tillison got involved with this Charley Foxtrot.
He is a Texas boy, and i am a Texas boy, so i will give him some advice.

A resignation and a fast flight back to Texas.

But if you really want to destroy ISIS, you have to drop the big one on Tel Aviv.

And hurry!
Got this mean ass goat, may have been Jezebel in a past life, yet Hillary is here also in this time, but i digress.
Keeping this goat to sacrifice on my Texas BBQ pit to world peace, the day someone drops the big one on Tel Aviv.

Bitch eats a lot!
I really like BBQed goat, Texas style.

Damn bitch is not getting any nicer, or younger!

Areeba! Undalay!

John C Carleton