The Love that dare not speak its name-Xymphora

Rape, pedophilia, lies, murder/Washington DC/Hollywhore. Supposedly Jesus loving “Christians, (Jesus said, if you hurt one of these children, it was better you were never born, better that you have a millstone chained to your neck and thrown into the ocean), vote for and support, people who rape and murder little children. Seems a bit hypocritical […]

Communism: A Failed Idea

Communism was a specific philosophy of government ownership of the means of production. The democratic welfare state was never a variety of communism. Marx, the most famous communist, despised democracy. He despised all attempts at economic amelioration through legislation. He wanted a proletarian revolution. He preached — the correct verb — a religion of revolution. […]

They Profit, We Die: Toxic Agriculture and the Poisoning of Soils, Human Health and the Environment-Global Research

My Mother, a lady her age i knew all my life, both died of old age without having breast cancer Two of my sisters have had breast cancer, and the other ladies daughter died of breast cancer. Not hard to figure out why. John C Carleton

Iraq Rejects US demands to expel Iranian military advisors from the country-The Duran

Want to talk about huge brass balls. USA, a criminal for profit International Corporation, incorporated under British Empire Law, against all international law, common honor and decency, illegally attacked, occupied, destroyed Iraq, and raped/murdered perhaps a million or more innocent souls. It is well know to the Iraqi government, that the USA intends to steal […]