How to Stretch a Leather Hat

Those of you live where it really gets cold, probably think weather in the 50s is warm.

I am a South Western Texas boy. a damp 50s is cold.

Started out this morning, came back in. Told the wife, i needed a shirt over my shirt and a hat. Been wearing my straw hats. Decided time to change to a winter hat, keep the top of my head warm.

Got the extra shirt on, started to take my black western felt hat for everyday, but wife said it was too nice for that.

Pulled out my old faded black leather western style hat i bought in Tijuana, back when i was doing Navy. In other words, a long time back. I am an old fart.

The front peak of the hat, is formed perfectly to my thumb and two fingers, taking it off, and putting it on all these years. The sides, one is slightly up, one slightly down. Been through rains, sun, heat and cold. Hat has character.

Now, leather will shrink when it dries out. So having hung inside, in a closet for several months, it was a bit snug on my head. Told the wife, need to wet it and stretch it over a hard object to stretch it back out, but i don’t have the time right now.

Put it on, walked outside, and a light rain started.

Mother Nature is an old friend of mine. Friends do each other favors.

But i wonder, was she making a statement about my disposition?

John C Carleton.

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