China’s Bold Moves- The Implications For Investors Are Enormous- King World News

The Anglo Zionist Empire, or British Empire if you will, of which USA is part of, had their chance to rule the world.
Instead of trying to make it a good world to live in, they tried to rape everyone, steal everything, and tell everyone exactly what they had to do.

For all Americans who sneer at China, remember they had a great Empire, when American’s AngloSaxon ancestors were scratching fleas/wiping they asses on rock and leaves.

It is the future, American sheep need to pull their heads out of their asses so America can be rebuilt, not as a crime cabal as it is now, but a nation, which looks after the land, the people, and does not try to project their ignorant control freak zionism on everyone else.

John C Carleton

China’s Bold Moves – The Implications For Investors Are Enormous

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