Bitcoin and the US “dollar”

I do not own any. i need to learn how to buy and sell. there are many other cyber currencies coming on line. Some are scams, some are real efforts which will not last, but some will last.

Using the right cyber currency, bypasses the Usury bankers and their bitch “governments”, which are continually stealing from the people. They can do this as they issue and control the money supply. You piss them off, they will cut you off financially.

With the right, non government/non bank issued cyber currency, you can tell them to go pound sand.

Bit coin start, as chump change. It has grown to where about $6,000.00 US, buys one bit coin.

Gold is at around $1,300.00 per ounce, and silver is around $16.50 an ounce.

The reason gold and silver are so low, and bitcoin is so high, is the ‘Government” and their usury banker bosses, sell massive amounts of “paper” gold and silver, of which physical metal will never be delivered against, (it is a scam run by the government, pure and simple), driving the price down artificially against the dying fiat “dollar”.

They do not control Bit coin, so they can not stop it reaching where it should be against a dying dollar.

They do control gold and silver sales, which is why both metals are great bargains now.

Time to buy as much gold/ silver as possible, (only physical you can hold in your hand, stored outside of banks), and Bit Coin.

I am an old dog, but if i do not want to die, or become a hermit, i must teach myself cyber currencies. One will need to hold and use them in the not too distant future.

If i had bought bit coin when it started, i would be filthy rich right now.

If you buy bit coin now, even at these prices, what it will do, is to become a store of value, as gold and silver are presently.

Again, i have not yet bought any, and one needs to learn what they are doing before buying, and deal with only reputable places, as there are plenty of scam artist in this area also.

There will be other cyber currencies, which will be used to pay for a cup of coffee, a meal, things we now use the dying paper dollar for.

One should have some so they are not locked into the USA’s paper money scam. If one is locked into the paper money scam, when hyperinflation hits, one is screwed.

World always changes, most humans resist change.

Those who see change coming, embraces the change early, have a better chance of making it through the chance.

Good luck.

John C Carleton

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